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Icon caries infiltrant smooth surface is used to treat white spots that are present on teeth. White spots are commonly caused by fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia, or demineralization. 

Dental Fluorosis - This occurs when too much fluoride is consumed during childhood before adult teeth come in.

Enamel Hypoplasia - This also occurs during childhood while the adult teeth are developing which results in thin enamel.

Demineralization - This can happen when teeth that have orthodontic brackets on them aren't cleaned well enough. Demineralization can also occur without orthodontic brackets. If unable to clean the gumline properly and not brushing thoroughly, "white spots" can form.

With the use of Icon, we can reverse the appearance of these white spots! Instead of crowning, putting a veneer over top, or ignoring the areas on front teeth that might be unesthetically pleasing because there isn't a great solution other than prepping away good enamel, this procedure is minimally invasive and a great alternative. Icon balances out the impurities and blends them in with surrounding healthy enamel.

This procedure is timed and can only be repeated up to three times in one setting, if necessary. Multiple teeth can be treated at once. If a white spot is "deeper" or a little more difficult to get rid of, another round of Icon can be done approximately two weeks after the initial application. During those two weeks, the white spots may lighten up more on their own. Be sure to avoid any staining foods or drinks for the first 1-2 hours after the application of Icon. Before and after photos will be taken at each visit to compare the differences!

If you have more questions pertaining to Icon, please contact our office.